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The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Book Celebration!

Last week I shared about our September book club party for Alice in Wonderland. This week I'm going to show you our November book party for The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe! I think this one was even more fun than the last!

Since it was a wee bit colder around here in November, we opted to have this book club at our local library. They have a great story hour room that you can reserve for community events, and it works perfectly for our group. The younger siblings can wander back and forth between our event and the children's area of the library! Brilliant!

As the children arrived, they got to go through a wardrobe! maybe it wasn't a wardrobe so much as a clothes rack with long coats hanging on it, but that didn't stop the kids from going through it over and over and over!

When they stepped through they were greeted by this loveliness! I had several trees situated throughout the room to create the feeling of Narnia! The white fabric at the base was supposed to be little piles of snow. And that lamppost? Well, my amaaazing husband made the lampshade out of fabric and cardboard the night before the event, because how could we possibly visit Narnia without the lamppost?

Other decorations for the event included a table with the items the children were given in the book by Father Christmas. You might have thought I would have considered that nearly every child there, from 4-10, thought blowing on the horn would be a good idea, and during cold season...

Once everyone had finished with the wardrobe fun, it was time to get started on our regular schedule. It looks something like this.
  • Introductions (it seems we have at least one newbie each time)
  • Split into age groups for craft and discussion
  • Game
  • Snacks
Moms sign up on Facebook to help with different parts of the book club. Some bring a snack while others may lead the craft or discussion. This has helped no one person from getting completely overwhelmed with leading and keeps everyone involved, It also brings some different ideas in, keeping things fresh and fun!

This time,  the craft was making of a crown making us all Kings and Queens of Narnia! The kids had a lot of fun, even the big ones!  Look at those Kings enjoying their snack!

Speaking of snack, we had some fun ones! We had bread, butter, and honey (like with Mr Tumnus!) some snowflake cookies, and Turkish Delight.  Yum!


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