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Blast from the past

One of the things that Alex and I try to do on a semi-regular basis is go out on dates. Sometime, somewhere, I read that going out with your spouse once a week allowed you to continue to grow and build your relationship, especially once your children are born. That way, when your children are grown and out of the house, you are not sitting across from a complete stranger. Well, we certainly don't make it out once a week, but I think we do pretty good at least going once a month.

About Moi!

Hello world! Coming to you live from my dining room/play room is me, Cassie! I'm a mom, a wife, a christian, a homemaker, a wannabe seamstress, a crafter, and probably a million more things. And this blog is about me growing in all of those areas. Lucky lucky blog world! No, really,I don't expect to have many viewers to this site, but for those few that are interested, I will be here, sharing along the way.