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Give your voice a break, listen to an audiobook!

We read out loud a LOT in our family. We read out loud for school but also just for pleasure-snuggle time or bed time or while the boys play legos. Pictured above are the books we have on the agenda for today. This picture does not include the  multiple picture books that C will ask me to read at some point today. Sometimes this mama's voice just needs a break. So, one of our favorite ways to experience a story together is by using audiobooks. We use several different sources and I wanted to share a few of them with you today, in case your voice needs a break too.

A man in the making

I'm sitting with curriculum catalogs, books, and the internet as my companion today. And coffee, please don't forget the coffee.  My boys are running around acting out a new adventure inside since it is cold and rainy today. I breathe in and out and in this moment, I know that I am exactly where I need to be. Life is good.

 I'm mapping out some plans for next school year and fine tuning some plans already made. I enjoy this part of our homeschooling journey. And then I nonchalantly wrote "2nd grade" and froze. I literally just sat there for minutes staring at those words. 
When did that happen? When did my baby grow up?

My name is what?

Hello. My name is Cassie. And I'm apparently trying to be a blogger. Again. This poor blog has been resurrected from it's painful death in 2012 after a whopping 2 posts. I'm awesome like that.

Welcome to my world. I don't have a specific direction for this yet, which probably means that noone whatsoever is going to enjoy it. And that's ok. Eventually I will figure it out, or not. Either way, you're still reading, so ha.

Hello again. My name is Mommy.

I always wanted to be a mom. It defines me. It shapes me. It has changed and grown me.