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Summer is here

So as we embark on the summer, what are your plans? Are you a go go go mama? Scheduling camps and fun activities for every day? Like, Monday is park day, Tuesday is craft day, etc. I've been that mom. Or maybe you are more of a relaxed and chill mama? Encouraging your kids to just play outside and relax, scheduling nothing? I'm striving for somewhere in the middle this year. If we get too relaxed around here I'll turn into the third kind of mama, the crazy one trying to stop to energetic boys from engaging in some fiasco or another.  For us, summer is a time for baseball, books, berries,  boredom and good old boy fun. Sorry I got carried away with the B words.

But really, what does this blissful middle of the road summer look like? The summer where we do "school lite", have fun activities, but still enough down time to recharge and enjoy ourselves?